The Top Most Unique Street in The World

All of us pass through roads, streets, interchanges and roundabouts almost every day. When going to school, to work or to the park – the roads and the streets that you walk on makes sure that you get there safely. There are unique streets and roads you might not be able to come across every day in your city. Here are the world’s most unique street and roads:

6. World’s Steepest Street: Baldwin Street in New Zealand

new zealand

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It is located in the southern city of New Zealand called Dunedin. This 350-meter street was named by William Baldwin, an Otago Provincial Councilor and a newspaper founder. There’s this event called “Baldwin Street Gutbuster” held yearly where locals and people around the world come to compete. Around 1,000 people compete in different categories. In this event, they have to race to the top and back down again. Go on and take a look at the picture again and see why this would make an interesting competition.

5. World’s Most Crooked Street: Lombard Street in San Francisco


san fransisco

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The Lombard Street is best known for the one way section on the Russian Hill between Hyde and Leavenworth Streets. This road has eight sharp turns that earned its name as the world’s most crooked street. This 400-meter long street has a speed limit of 5 meters per hour or 8 kilometers per hour. It’s best for impatient drivers not take up this side of the road – it’s a one way street and you have to drive at the speed limit of a turtle.

4. World’s Most Complicated Interchange: Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange in Los Angeles


Judge harry pregerson

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The Judge Harry Pregerson Interchange is a stack of interchange near the Athens and Watts communities of Los Angeles, California. The interchange routes are the I-105 (Glenn M. Anderson Freeway in El Segundo, LAX Airport, Norwalk) and I-110 (Harbor Freeway in San Pedro, Los Angeles). The interchange allows both exit and entrance in all sides. It is named after Harry Pregerson, a long time judge who persisted over the lawsuit concerning the freeway’s construction. It would take more than a month to be familiar with this interchange since it very complicated and big. Just bring a map or a friend who knows the way in and out of the interchange. Seriously.

3. World’s Longest National Highway: Highway 1 in Australia

australia highway

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Australia’s Highway 1 is a network of highways that joins all mainland state capitals of Australia. At a total length of 14,500 kilometers or 9,000 miles, it is the longest highway in the world. Every day, more than a million people run through this road to get to their destination. Bring extra gas and a spare tire with you if you want to take up this road.

2. World’s Widest Street: 9 de Julio in Buenos Aires, Argentina


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In Argentina, you’ll find this interesting street in downtown known as Buenos Aires, 9 de Julio. It is nine lanes wide, with gardened medians in between the opposing flow of traffic; this is the widest street in the world. As for crossing the street, don’t worry, there are traffic lights everywhere, you just got to pay attention and run if you must when it’s time to cross the street.

1. World’s Most Confusing Roundabout: Magic Roundabout inSwindon, United Kingdom


magic roundabout

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The magic roundabout was constructed on 1972 and consists of five mini roundabouts arranged in a circle. It is located near the County Ground, home of the Swindon Town Football Club. In 2009, it was voted as the fourth scariest junction in Britain by Britannia Rescue. No newbies allowed here because it would be difficult for beginners to drive in a very complicated roundabout.

disadur dari

dengan perubahan seperlunya


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